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For relief from symptoms of spondylitis especially cervical, numbness, tingling, vertigo, ear noise, nausea and giddiness

Composition: Bryonia 6x, Cimicifuga 4x, Dulcamara 8x, Glechoma 6x, Helleborus 10x, Kalmia 8x, Rhus Tox 8x, Ruta Grav. 10x

Bryonia works against pain which gets better when resting. Here, the pain in focus is which occurs in the neck or the small of the back and aggravates when moving. It feels like a contraction in the cervical spine.

Pain in the neck, contraction feeling in the cervical spine and stiffness in the neck area are also the symptoms Cimicifuga works against.

Feeling battered, stiff in the neck area, racking and tearing are part of the field of application of Dulcamara. The pain is as after long stooping especially aggravated in cold and wet /damp weather somewhat relieved by moving about. Stiffness, numbness and soreness of muscles on exposure to cold especially the back and the loins.

The efficacy of Glechoma is antiphlogistic and stimulates the metabolism.

Characteristics of Helleborus include a stiff neck, muscular weakness up to paralysis and radiating numbness in the limbs

Kalmia turns against back and neck pain which radiates to the extremities and is aggravated on exertion.

In contrast to that, Rhus tox turns against pain in the lumbo-sacral region which is accompanied by extreme stiffness. Here the pain is due to strain, overlifting and overuse and it is better by motion or lying on something hard and is worse while sitting. Suited for affections of nerves and spinal cord, stiffness of muscles and joints.

The complex is completed by Ruta. It turns against weakness of the joints in a regulating way and opposes the numbing weakness of the limbs. Pain in nape, back, loins, lumbago which is worse in the morning before rising.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE:  (Unless otherwise prescribed)

Adults 20 drops, 3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

Keep the remedy out of reach of children!
If symptoms persist, please consult your Registered Medical Practitioner.

Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle