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Supportive remedy for all kinds of fever (low/high grade) caused by underlying infections. Supports the treatment of acute fevers such as influenza, dengue and malaria

Composition: Eupatorium perfoliatum 2x, Arsenic Album 6x, Aconite Napellus 4x, Argentum Nitricum 4x, Bryonia Cretica 4x, Cinchona succirubra 3x, Vincetoxicum hirundinaria 2x, Lachesis mutus 7x

Initial fever with shivering, acute inflammation everywhere in the body, at the same time great restlessness characterize the remedy picture of Aconitum which directs its soothing, calming properties towards tachycardiac symptoms in the circulatory organs and here, like everywhere in the body, also relieves burning stabbing pain.

Argentum nitricum supplies an antibacterial function which combines the confirmed bacterizide power of silver (up to ca. D7) with the mucosal-cleaning efficacy of the acid residue (Acidum nitricum).

Arsenicum album addresses every tissue. Clearly defined symptoms secure its application. Great exhaustion that gets worse at night, burning pain in the reaction area, combined with great fear and restlessness are present along with toothing neuralgia and generally disturbed physiological processes.

Bryonia, the inflammation and influenza remedy, which is characterized by dry mucosal membranes as well as stabbing pain in all serous membranes and inflammatory symptoms all over the body joins these remedies. By its comprehensive regulation of digestive organs, this substance eases the condition at an essential level. Apart from its efficacy
for acute and remittent fever as well as an anti-inflammatory and anti-neuralgic effect
against weaknes s.

Remedy China helps restore the patient to health without long recuperation time.

As an influenza remedy, Eupatorium perfoliatum has a safe place in homeopathic therapy with its indications ranging from dry bronchial mucosa with pain up to fever and feelings of exhaustion in all bones and joints.

Lachesis adds another important substance to the complex because it turns against all infectious diseases combined with septic fever, yet in particular safely bars infection changes, always dreaded because they often cause myocardial damage.

Vincetoxicum officinalis is considered mainly antiviral, generally opposing diseases of all serous membranes, yet it also owns an excellent indication for inflammations of the digestive mucosa.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE:  (Unless otherwise prescribed)

Adults 20 drops, Children 7 – 10 drops, infants 5-7 drops,
3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

Keep the remedy out of reach of children!
If symptoms persist, please consult your Registered Medical Practitioner.

Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle