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Supportive remedy for symptoms related to excessive accumulation of urea and creatinine in blood

Composition: Bryonia cretica 6x, Colchicum autumnale 12x, Natrium carbonicum 4x, Phytolacca Americana 4x, Berberis vulgaris 4x, Cynara scolymus 12x, Harpagophytum procumbens 4x, Ledum palustre 6x.

Berberis vulgaris promotes excretion of uric acid and cleans toxins from organs especially the liver, kidney and gallbladder. As a supportive treatment, it also protects the body against infection and toxic damage that can cause liver function disruption, diabetes and kidney complaints and addresses severe skin problems that appear due to systemic intoxication.

Bryonia cretica relieves inflammation of the mucous membranes often accompanied by stabbing pains in the muscle and joint. This substance also stimulates intestinal excretion and treats infections.

Colchicum autumnale is a classic remedy for gout and rheumatism. It also can help eliminate minor inflammation in the heart muscle, regulate disrupted digestive processes and overcome toxic blockages that can lead to weakness and pain in the limbs when used as part of a complex therapy.

Cynara scolymus promotes general excretion and elimination of toxic waste products include uric acid from the tissues, stimulates digestion, and acts as an anti-inflammatory and diuretic.

Harpogophytum Procumbent addresses cramping, spastic pain and tearing sensations in the large joints and spinal area by helping to improve the metabolism and stimulate elimination of waste products.

Ledum palustre treats gout deposits, pain in the small joint and general stiffness within the musculoskeletal system. As a supportive treatment, this substance can help dislodge concernment deposits that could lead to inflammation and promotes proper thermo-regulation.

Natrium carbonicum reduces development of uric acid, supports the treatment of inflammation of the mucous membranes, breathing tract and digestive organs that could lead to chronic skin conditions. It further addresses infectious processes and prevents damage to the heart when used as part of a complex therapy.

Phytolacca americana is a quality regulating and healing substance that addresses rheumatic symptoms such as stiffness, neuralgia and muscular spasms.

RECOMMENDED DOSAGE:  (Unless otherwise prescribed)

Adults 20 drops, Children 7 – 10 drops, infants 5-7 drops,
3 times a day in some liquid before meals.

Keep the remedy out of reach of children!
If symptoms persist, please consult your Registered Medical Practitioner.

Original Packing: 20ml sealed bottle