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Boostex Forte Capsule

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Boostex Forte Capsule contains Kavach beej, Bhuikohla Kuchala, Jaiphal, Ashwagandha, Shatavari, Safed Musali, Chopchini, and Suwarna Makshik Bhasma.

Boostex Forte Capsules are a classical combination of herbo-mineral ingredients, help to boost sexual desire support performance. Boostex Forte capsules has spermatogenic, hormone activating property. It also promotes vigour for improved performance and fertility aspects, Improves mental and physical health. Boostex capsules are Non-hormona, safe and are useful in general debility nervous exhausion.

Kavach beej, Bhuikohla Kuchala, Jaiphal, and Ashwagandha have aphrodisiac action & nervine tonic. It corrects impotency, seminal debility
Shatavari increases secretion of semen.
Safed Musali, Chopchini improves semen quality and quantity.
Suwarna Makshik Bhasma improves blood circulation and is a good tonic.

Mainly Boostex Forte capsules are spermatogenic, depressed libido, erectile insufficiency and psychic functional impotency.