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Clean and Dry Wash Foam

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Get bikini ready:Feel confident to step out onto your favourite beaches in your sexiest bikinis, CND Foam is perfect for when you wish to shave your intimate area. It is soft, smooth and very gentle. Plus of course, protective.

Product usage: While having a bath all you need to do is cleanse your intimate area with this special, luxurious textured foam wash. It would probably take you just a few minutes but provides you with that pampered look feeling all day.


  • It also helps protect from vaginitis and other symptoms of fungal infections

  • Helps remove unnecessary dark pigments that have settled on the intimate skin and brightens it for a fresh, healthy look

  • You feel fresh and healthy in your intimate area and glow with the confidence of using probably one of the most fascinating intimate foam washes in the world

Key Ingredient:

Its perfect pH Balance is gentle on ultra-sensitive skin and is packed with the new age healing goodness of Aloe V that moisturises. Vita B and Wheat germ that cleanses and brightens.

When to use:

During a bath, after using an unhygienic toilet seat, before getting intimate with your partner, to shave the intimate area or whenever you wish to feel extra special and pampered down there.