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Elements WELLNESS Ayushwaas Avaleha

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Ayushwaas is a very unique formula, tested with thousands of consumers, before being introduced by Elements Wellness. It contains a combination of herbal actives not used before, like Munakka and Sirisa (to strengthen lung tissues and provide anti-allergic activity), Kantakari and Vasa (expel phlegm and dilate the windpipe), Mulethi and Daru Haridra (protection from infection), Jatamansi (calms the mind) and many more actives.

Please use for 4 weeks or more if you have breathing problems. Elements Wellness Ayushwaas is safe as it does not contain any steroids and is made from natural actives


It can be taken by both children and adults. 1-2 teaspoons full Morning and at Bedtime.

Dissolve in hot Milk or Hot water and sip like hot tea.

You can also Spread 1-2 teaspoons on bread, Biscuits & Chapatti eat.

Or On Proper Advice of the Physician