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What is Elements Wellness Privy Wash ?

Elements Wellness Privy Wash is a specialist product developed to help women of different ages maintain hygiene of their intimate areas.

It is a product that is like a wash and has to be used with water

It is Paraben-Free and totally safe to use.

1.What benefits does this product provide to women ?

Elements Wellness Privy Wash provides a number of very useful benefits to women in their intimate area

a) protection from irritation, itchiness, dryness and burning sensation

b) Its Natural Moisturising Factor provides provides moisturising in addition to a refreshing cleansing experience

c) specially beneficial to be used during “ those days”

d) can help prevent an infection called “ Bacterial Vaginosis”

2.What are the special features of this product?

The intimate parts for women are extremely sensitive and have a special pH. Soaps and Bath Gels can create imbalance in the PH , leading to increase of bacteria in that part.

The ingredients in EW Privy Wash help restore the pH to the desired level of 3.5 to 4.5 and this is considered very good for the woman’s intimate health and hygiene

3.What does this product contain?

a) EW Privy Wash contains nature-derived ultra-mild cleansers like PolyGlucosides, phospholipids, Milk actives and Multi-Mineral Complex

b) It is PARABEN – Free, which a highly desirable feature for sensitive areas of human body

c) it does not contain potentially harmful substances ( for intimate area) like Dioxane and Sulphates and Lauryl Ethyl Sulphates

4.Who should use this product?

EW Privy Wash is a MUST-USE product for grown up girls and all women who want to take special care for their intimate hygiene

It is a multi -purpose all season product

5.When to use this product?

Elements Wellness Privy Wash should be used

a) during menstruation time

b) during pregnancy

c) post delivery

d) before and after physical contact

e) after using public washrooms, particularly in bus stations and railway stations