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Kayakalp Soap

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Kayakalp Soap contains 23 Traditional and Effective Herbs and Pure Coconut Oil. Each of the Herbs has its own miraculous benefits for Body and Hair.

   All the 23 Herbs combined with Coconut Oil makes it the best possible Soap to take care of all Skin Types. When you use the Kayakalp Soap, all the Herbs present in the Soap will help reduce and prevent your Skin from Pimples, Skin Rashes, Dark Patches, Black Marks and thus keeps your Skin Beautiful and Healthy always.

   Coconut Oil used in the Soap will cleanse your skin and opens the sweat glands. Sweat segreting out of body is very vital for mainting a healthy body.

   Coconut Oil used in the Soap is an excellent Moisturizer for both the Skin and Hair. It also help removes blackheads, remove dead skin cells and Dirt away from the body.

   Use kayakalp soap for Healthy, Beautiful and Problem free skin. The Best soap for your skin care.