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Natural Immunomodulator

MyVir is a proprietary Ayurvedic medicine approved for treatment in COVID-19 patients by AYUSH department, validated by clinical trial. This tablet will work as a dual action “Antiviral & Immunomodulator”. In the clinical trial it was proven that it helps in faster recovery and early discharge of COVID-19 patients achieving RTPCR negative. MyVir tablet boosts the immune mechanism and makes immune system in a homeostasis way naturally.

It is effective in preventing a phenomenon in the human body called “Cytokine Storm”. The Cytokine Storm causes tissue damage by the excessive release of pro inflammatory cytokines a kind of hyper active immune system. MyVir Tablets prevents Cytokine Storm, thus protects organs. MyVir Tablets reduces C Reactive Protein an inflammatory sign and also protects the blood tissue in COVID patients prevents clotting of blood, which was observed in clinical trial the reduced D Dimer levels in the blood.

MyVir Tablet has demonstrated an excellent safety profile (safe on Liver and Kidney) when administered orally, no toxicity was observed during the clinical trials. Patients in the test group who received MyVir Tablet for a period of 14 days demonstrated quicker immune activity compared to the control group. This clearly indicates MyVir Tablet proved to have favourably influencing the immune system and remove pathogens in COVID-19 patients.


  • Effectively enhances and modulates the body’s natural defence mechanism.
  • Useful in various bacterial and other infectious diseases.
  • Especially effective against the infection caused by the COVID-19 virus.
  • MyVir tables contains different carefully selected standardized herbal based extracts, which works synergistically as anti inflammatory, anti viral, immunomodulator and hepato protective agents.
  • Successful completed clinical studies conducted on COVID -19 patients and shown results in combating viral infections are promising correction of immune system.
  • Regular symptoms like cold, fever, cough and body aches are also reduced.