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The homeopathic system of medicine is armed with a wide range of therapeutic agents and these come from all types of raw materials. One such category of homeopathic medicines is the group of tissue remedies. These are twelve salts of different elements that perform vital functions in the human body. They were described in detail by Schuessler. He elaborated their uses, necessity and appropriate method of utilization. One of these twelve remedies with extensive action on all systems of the human body is Silicea.

Silicea, also known as Silicea Terra, is made out of silicon oxides. It is a component of skin, hair, nails, muscles, nerves and other connective tissue. It is prepared by the homeopathic process of trituration into a medicinal compound, which can then be formed into tablets or as liquid medicine of higher potencies. Its sphere of action includes the skin and hair, glands, the bones, digestive, endocrine and reproductive systems among many others. It is a routinely prescribed medicine in homeopathic clinics as both a tissue remedy and in 200 potency. There is a wide list of Silicea 200 uses and side effects are virtually negligible.

To obtain the full use of homeopathic medicine Silicea it is imperative to understand its actions. It is often employed in chronic diseases where the person has suffered from a lack of mental, physical and emotional strength. In children it helps eradicate the tendency to bone and teething complaints and helps develop vitality and immunity. Silicea is often suited to children who suffer from ill health not because they are unsuitably fed but because they are unable to digest and assimilate the food taken. These children are weak, with large heads and frail body. They sweat profusely on the head and have weak bones. These children are predominantly chilly, and they need to be warmly covered to conserve and maintain body heat. Frequent colds, cough, flu and ear infections are common in these children and are a sign of low immunity; the immune power is strengthened and enhanced by Silicea.