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Improves general health & well-being

Acts as a restorative and energizer

Improves Strength


Powerful restorative & energizer for women that ensures improved general Health and well-being.

Maharishi Ayurveda Vigoroyal F – The Rasayana for women is a unique blend of rare herbs from Maharishi Ayurveda which has been formulated exclusively for women keeping in mind the needs of the female body. It helps in boosting stamina, provides rejuvenation and reduces tiredness. It also helps increase blood circulation, enhances vitality and provide strength.

The day to day strains and stresses to which a woman is exposed to takes a heavy toll on her health which often results in premature ageing, disturbed menstrual cycle and other Gynaecological problems, a general rundown feeling, all collectively or singly lead to a damaged psyche and an unhappy married life.

Vigoroyal F fulfils a women’s ultimate desire of a healthy body and an alert mind enabling her to extract maximum happiness from life at home or office, as a friend, a partner, a wife, a mother i.e. a complete woman.

The precious time tested and safe herbs in Vigoroyal F possess the qualities which invigorate and rejuvenate the psyche and body of the women.

Enriched with the following ingredients

Shatavari: Nourishes entire body and mind, increases blood circulation, enhance vitality and provides strength

Dhatri Lauh: Is a rich source of Iron and Vitamin C

Abhrak Bhasma (100 Puti): Has antidepressant, aphrodisiac and immunomodulator properties

Praval Bhasma (5-7 Puti): Rich source of natural calcium

Puti: Puti is a process for refining of the minerals.